2010-09-10 19:47:43 by JacklandStudios

Wow, 2 years since an update... that's too much fucking time...

Anyway, thought I would give you an update on what's to come.

I've been messing around with flash 8 for a while and saw that I can export some of my toons directly to video, so I dug up into some old backup Cd's and found the old .fla editing files, made a few corrections that have been bugging me for years (like clear subtitles and timing issues) and exported them to .avi and of course the good ol' .swf so as for today What the hell men ep. 3 will be available on youtube and if I have the time maybe in blip.tv as well.

Also I will upload the file with the corrections (although minimal as they are) here to Newgrounds, also I will continue to do "upgrades" to almost all of my old toons, like sound correction, grammar and eventually even translate them to Spanish, if it's just the subtitles or the audio as well, only time will tell.

Also I have a new idea for a Mr. Tamal cartoon with a brand new character which will be considered the 8th episode in the What the hell men series, but don't hold your breath since I will take my time with this one. Also I think Dinosaur Jr. deserves a second episode (episode zero doesn't count) I'm really interested in seeing what the young dinosaur band does next and I have enough personal experiences to make it a good one.

And since everyone else in the internet is doing it, why not make a couple of video reviews? that way you can look at me pretty face ;)

So, to sum up:

-Corrections on sound, timing, subtitles (and if I have the time) drawings & animation on old toons

-What the hell men ep. 3 to 7 (1 & 2 I will not upload them anywhere else because I feel this is their home and if it wasn't for NG they wouldn't exist the way they are, so yeah, you can say they're Newgrounds exclusive), Dino jr. and Friday the 13th on youtube and blip.tv (eventually)

-Translations to spanish

-New What the hell men & Dinosaur Jr. episodes

-Video reviews! (as soon as I get my hands on some equipment I'm missing)

it looks like the rest of this year and 2011 will be very busy for me... but hey! at least I'm not behind a desk...

you know what I mean...




2008-09-18 14:05:53 by JacklandStudios

So, this is what happened a few months ago.

I was making a flash toon that would be my definitive comeback, a very ambitious project that would keep me working on it for at least a year, but it was all lost when my computer decided to act up and blow all my files up to oblivion (an auto-format option I didn't even knew it existed...)

The project was this:

Some of you young ones probably will not remember or were not around to see it, but like a decade ago just after Superman died in comic books Batman got crippled in the "Knightfall" saga.

That's what the project was all about, I was animating (to my very own improved style) the entire 12 comic books leading up to it, from the Arkham massive escape, going trough the Croc Vs. Bane fight and all the way to the final Bane Vs. Batman confrontation, keeping it as true to the comic book panels as possible...

Well, all that went away, it took me week and a half to draw all the characters and another week to draw the rest of it all (except the backgrounds) and had about 8 minutes animated wich could be translated as 2 months of work (about 6 hours a day) when I lost it all and didn't had backups... (I still had to animate like another 8 minutes but man, was it good...)

This teached me an important lesson, ALWAYS make backups, even when you think you don't need them, do it, just do it, otherwise you will be left crying in anger like I did...

I will not re-draw everything again because I don't feel like it, instead I'll take it as a sign that I should move on to other projects, however if I come up with a godd idea for a flash toon I will do it.

This doesn't mean I will quit flash, not ever, not a chance. It just means that you shouldn't hold your breath.

Until then I wish you all Luck, Love and Money



What's up?

2007-12-12 22:41:15 by JacklandStudios

So, I haven't been in NG in like 2 years or something, real life got in the way...lol
I was just watching some of my old movies and I realised "oh my god!, did I did THAT?" but in the good way, and I don't know... it kinda makes mewanna open up my old flash program and do a bit of a comeback... I do have some unfinished projects and I'm wondering... I left when I was 22, now that I'm 24 I'm bound to have improved, haven't I?


Only time will tell...

Stay tuned